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Japanese 301

Japanese 302

Japanese 322

Study Abroad

The Study Abroad in Japan program is held every spring term. Students live and study in Kyoto, taking regular excursions to see sights of historical and cultural significance.

Japan Internships

The Japan Business Internship gives students the opportunity to gain valuable hands-on work experience in Japan. Internships typically take place during Spring/Summer with companies in Japan, though Fall/Winter internships and internships with companies in the US that work with Japan are also possible.
Image of two students in front of camera during their internship in Japan.
Image of Language Immersion Student Residence at BYU

Japan House

Language Immersion Student Residence (LISR) program at BYU provides an immersion environment in a number of languages, including Japanese. In the Japan House, residents live in an on-campus housing facility with others studying Japanese. Residents speak only Japanese in the living areas, participate in a weekly study session, and attend four weekly dinners with other residents. Most school years, the LISR hosts 1 apartment for men and 1 apartment for women (with 6 residents per apartment in shared rooms). One of the residents in each apartment is a native or highly proficient speaker of Japanese and helps to model correct language use. 2 credits of Japanese 311R is available as part of the program.

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